Maddie and Byron:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Kilgore-TX

Maddie and Byron:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Kilgore-TX

Maddie and Byron

Ok, so who doesn’t want to take wedding photos on a family ranch in East Texas? What made this day even better was their amazing personalities and laid-back demeanors. Plus, they are as cool as they look.

I had two weddings this past weekend, and both days had just wonderful weather. The beautiful sun-shining day really made the countryside look all the more idyllic. The wedding was wonderful with friends and family sitting around a huge tree in front of Maddie’s grandparent’s house, surrounded by tall pine trees. There was celebration and really good food from the food truck. At the end of the celebration, we drove down their road and finished off the photos with some shots in the pine trees, a regular place where Maddie and family would explore and play in. So awesome. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. Enjoy.

Congrats Maddie and Byron!