Jerry and Belinda: Don CeSar in St. Petersburg, Florida

Jerry and Belinda: Don CeSar in St. Petersburg, Florida

Jerry and Belinda

I met Belinda over 3 years ago while assisting her for a wedding. I loved hearing her stories of past photography experiences and learning from her. Well, she has been kind enough to keep in touch since then and I’ve loved working for her and getting to know her a bit more each year. About a month ago she talk me she was getting married, in FLORIDA! I was, first, excited that she met a great guy, and secondly, that I get to take her wedding photos.

Jerry met me at the airport and I immediately approved of him. He has a deep voice, more hair than I do, and jovial. It was a dream weekend to be able to work with such a wonderful couple and photograph a wedding at such a beautiful location, the Loews Don CeSar. I hope y’all enjoy the pictures and congrats to Jerry and Belinda.


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Congrats Jerry and Belinda Lucius!!!