Adam and Andrea Engagements: Denton, TX

Adam and Andrea

I keep on saying in my post that the weather is wonderful, but it really is incredible for this time of year. It rained the day before our engagement session, so we were all thankful it was a dry day and at a cool temp. We first headed to their alma mater, University of North Texas, to do some fun shots at a cool secret garden on the top of the Business building. Next we walked around campus and eventually went to the square, where all the cool people hang out. They both did a wonderful job and Andrea was laughing most of the time, which is a good indicated that she enjoys her company a lot. Thanks for the opportunity, Adam and Andrea, and enjoy the sneak peek.

IMG_5410 IMG_5474 IMG_5468IMG_5508 IMG_5565 IMG_5533 IMG_5675 IMG_5720 IMG_5843 IMG_5913 IMG_6025IMG_6365 IMG_6394

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Adriana’s Graduation Day.


When I drove through UNT, I was dumbfounded at how much it had changed over the past couple of years since I’ve walked around it’s campus. A new student union, apartments, and departmental buildings. I arrived at the Catholic Campus Center and met Adriana and her family. She was the first to walk up and introduce herself with a big grin and tons of energy. The rest of the family followed and I was blown away at everyone’s hospitality and love. The Catholic Campus Center meant a lot to her and had been such a great influence on her years at UNT. As we were setting up for the photo schedule for the day, she expressed her mission after graduation: college ministry. I did not know or meet Adriana prior to the day, but the mission she felt called to made complete since after being with her and her family all day. She is a person that makes everyone feel comfortable and included. We did some family photos at the center and then walked to the Department of Communication Studies ceremony. This was the funniest graduation ceremony I’ve ever been to. There were tons of laughs, mostly inside jokes that can only be developed by collegial community. The whole group of Graduate and Undergraduate students were encouraging and excited for each others accomplishments. One of the professors even put on a Batman mask to announce a Graduate student’s accomplishments. Fun times that ended with a party at the park and a dual birthday celebration. It was not only a day of graduating, but Adriana’s and her twin sister’s, Danielle, birthday.

She will make a wonderful impact on this world for God wherever she is sent, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to capture her graduation and birthday celebration. Congrats!

IMG_3074 IMG_3098IMG_3147IMG_3121IMG_3173IMG_3198IMG_3228IMG_3285IMG_3313IMG_3322IMG_3331IMG_3379IMG_3390 IMG_3399IMG_3413 IMG_3507 IMG_3541IMG_3566 IMG_3570 IMG_3616IMG_3693 IMG_3730 IMG_3973
IMG_3792 IMG_3898
IMG_3976IMG_3989 IMG_3997 IMG_4013 IMG_4042IMG_4061 IMG_4087 IMG_4130 IMG_4156IMG_4179 IMG_4206 IMG_4243 IMG_4263IMG_4279 IMG_4337 IMG_4341 IMG_4342 IMG_4343IMG_4465 IMG_4494 IMG_4541 IMG_4591IMG_4604 IMG_4668 IMG_4726 IMG_4745 IMG_4755IMG_4796 IMG_4856 IMG_4898 IMG_4907 IMG_4924

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The Engelbrecht Family

The Engelbrechts

I loved working with this family. We took the family photos at the beautiful TWU gardens on the Friday of the Arts and Jazz Festival and the weather held off long enough to get some pretty light, without getting rained on. The timing was perfect and was a huge blessing from God. About 15 minutes after these were taken, the skies opened and it poured. Thanks for letting me take your family pictures, Jon, and enjoy the sneak peek.

IMG_9987 IMG_9975 IMG_9919 IMG_9811 IMG_9726 IMG_0311 IMG_0232 IMG_0225 IMG_0083 IMG_0052 IMG_0048

(Yes, these two were that cute)

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Terez and Matt: Ashton Gardens, Denton, TX

Terez and Matt

I was lucky enough to take Matt and Terez’s engagements months ago at TWU and an airport, yes an airport. It was awesome and totally fit their style. After working with them on that day, I was excited to photograph their wedding day. There was a chance of rain, but thankfully God blessed us with a great day with no rain and a cool breeze. Ashton Gardens is  such a wonderful venue and very easy to take great pictures at because of all the natural light the streams in from their large windows in the chapel and reception areas. Both families were incredible to work with. Matt teared up whenever Terez came down the isle, and that is a very good sign of a love filled marriage. The food was wonderful and the dancing was sweet. I hope the best of the both of you and congrats!

denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0779denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0908denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0797denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0808 denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0873denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0967

denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0665denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0698denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0767denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0686denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1016denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1180denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1183denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-8919denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1248denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1336denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1516denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1551 denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1574denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1616denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1664denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0623denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1968denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0590 denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0540 denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0566 denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0578denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1929denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1674denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1730denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-1834denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2026denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2088denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2003denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2035
denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2083denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2678denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2063denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0499 denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-0510denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2107denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2343denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2291denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2938denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2875denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2966denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-2996denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-3005denton-wedding-photographer-ashton-gardens-3053


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Mike and Heather Sneak Peek: Hidden Pines Chapel (Highland Village, TX)

Mike and Heather

I had the honor of meeting Heather and Ali (Maid of Honor) about a year ago at Panera. We had a good time talking about the upcoming wedding and I was excited to find out she wanted me to photograph the wedding. Not only is she nice, Heather is also very selfless. We scheduled to do a bridal shoot the same day (my fault) as the Denton Bridal Show and she was kind enough to schedule it early so that we could do the shoot and I could manage my booth. It was wonderful to meet and talk with Mike and his groomsmen Friday before everything became fast-paced and wild, as it usually does on a wedding day. Beautiful ceremony and happy friends. Hidden Pines Chapel is a very beautiful venue with wonderful staff and easy to shoot a wedding in. I was excited that everyone had a lot of fun and that the celebration was extravagant. Congrats Heather and Mike! Enjoy the sneak peak of your wedding pictures.

IMG_6945IMG_6964IMG_6955IMG_6342IMG_6388IMG_6409IMG_6605IMG_6719IMG_6777 IMG_6794IMG_6808 IMG_6858IMG_7006 IMG_7017IMG_7043 IMG_7053 IMG_7059IMG_7129IMG_7295IMG_7250IMG_7358IMG_7567IMG_7464 IMG_7501 IMG_7516IMG_7629 IMG_7803 IMG_7827 IMG_7876 IMG_7925 IMG_7942 IMG_7953 IMG_8052 IMG_8131 IMG_8177 IMG_8193 IMG_8408 IMG_8467 IMG_8474 IMG_8412 IMG_8560 IMG_8656 IMG_8767IMG_8960 IMG_8899 IMG_8990 IMG_9171

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Cody and Delia Engagements: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Cody and Delia

The weather was just spectacular yesterday when we were taking engagements at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX (I highly recommend checking this place out). Cody and Delia were so easy to work with because they really fit great together and were natural in front of the camera. I’m also very thankful that they were flexible, and because of this, we were able to try out so cool spots that were a little difficult to hike to. Thank you so much for being amazing Cody and Delia!

IMG_1965IMG_1967IMG_2243IMG_2202IMG_2326IMG_2297IMG_2548IMG_2417IMG_2477IMG_2682IMG_2708IMG_2733IMG_2776 IMG_2775IMG_2840IMG_2799IMG_2826IMG_2819IMG_2975IMG_2912IMG_2987 IMG_3008IMG_3027IMG_3032

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Mick Burson

Mick Burson

I met Mick over a year ago at Borman Elementary when he was kind enough to come and speak to my Art students and shared what it means to be an artist. He is a man of patience and excellence at what he does, Murals. You might have seen some of his amazing murals around Denton, like the murals on the Scrap, Creative Art Studio, and Denton Camera Exchange. This morning, I was honored to photograph him working on some last details of a mural on the Greater Denton Arts Council building off Bell. The weather was completely different than the day before, so thankfully I had some warm coffee (West Oak Coffee Bar) because it was cold and I wasn’t prepared (Mick offered his spare jacket several times). Enjoy.IMG_0212IMG_0191IMG_0195IMG_0209IMG_0229IMG_0239IMG_0332IMG_0359IMG_0292

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Chris and Susan Sneak Peek Wedding Photos: Lakeside, TX

Chris and Susan

It was a very rainy and windy week leading up to their wedding, but by God’s grace, the rain was gone and the weather was absolutely phenomenal. I pulled up to the barn and there were literally birds chirping in the morning rays. The family was getting all the centerpieces ready for the upcoming celebration in the cool morning with smiles on all their faces. Really friendly people. Susan and Chris were both getting ready, with Chris helping the family out. I was able to chat with Chris, as well as the rest of the family and friends on both sides, and the whole setup was just wonderful and warm hearted. Susan and her daughter were getting ready upstairs in a really cool light blue room upstair in the barn and the whole place just had a lot of cool character that was fun to play around with while taking pictures. The whole day was great and the low key wedding really fit the venue well and the cool, breezy day perfectly. They were both easy to pose and make smile because they loved each other a lot and their daughter, Lily, seemed as if it was just another day of hanging out with her parents, eating awesome cake.

Thank you both for letting me photography your wedding day and enjoy the pics, Chris and Susan.Fun times.

IMG_7720 IMG_7725IMG_7698IMG_7814IMG_7802IMG_7766IMG_8219IMG_8209IMG_8057IMG_7634IMG_8065IMG_8046IMG_8399IMG_8496IMG_8533IMG_8500IMG_8587IMG_8633IMG_8719IMG_9010IMG_9399IMG_8250IMG_9374IMG_8178IMG_7870IMG_9365IMG_9344IMG_9468IMG_9497IMG_9542IMG_9582IMG_9310

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Brandon and Megan Engagements Sneak Peek (Denton, TX)

Brandon & Megan Engagements


I met Megan a couple of weeks ago at West Oak Coffee Bar (an incredible coffee bar) and we prepared for the engagements at Old Alton Bridge. It went back and forth on wether yesterday was going to be raining or clear, but it ended up being cloudy and moody (great for cool photos). We had a lot of fun taking the engagement pictures at Old Alton Bridge yesterday, and the dogs did great too. Enjoy the pics!

IMG_6816IMG_7185IMG_6901 IMG_6906IMG_6882 IMG_6888IMG_7216IMG_6936IMG_7344IMG_7379IMG_7464IMG_7488



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