Adriana’s Graduation Day.

Adriana’s Graduation Day.


When I drove through UNT, I was dumbfounded at how much it had changed over the past couple of years since I’ve walked around it’s campus. A new student union, apartments, and departmental buildings. I arrived at the Catholic Campus Center and met Adriana and her family. She was the first to walk up and introduce herself with a big grin and tons of energy. The rest of the family followed and I was blown away at everyone’s hospitality and love. The Catholic Campus Center meant a lot to her and had been such a great influence on her years at UNT. As we were setting up for the photo schedule for the day, she expressed her mission after graduation: college ministry. I did not know or meet Adriana prior to the day, but the mission she felt called to made complete since after being with her and her family all day. She is a person that makes everyone feel comfortable and included. We did some family photos at the center and then walked to the Department of Communication Studies ceremony. This was the funniest graduation ceremony I’ve ever been to. There were tons of laughs, mostly inside jokes that can only be developed by collegial community. The whole group of Graduate and Undergraduate students were encouraging and excited for each others accomplishments. One of the professors even put on a Batman mask to announce a Graduate student’s accomplishments. Fun times that ended with a party at the park and a dual birthday celebration. It was not only a day of graduating, but Adriana’s and her twin sister’s, Danielle, birthday.

She will make a wonderful impact on this world for God wherever she is sent, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to capture her graduation and birthday celebration. Congrats!

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