Why Do Engagements?

Why Do Engagements?

Why Do Engagement Photos?


This is a tough question that has come up several times when talking with clients. As a photographer, I know and have experienced the benefits of doing engagement sessions. Here are a couple of reasons why doing engagement photos will benefit you and your fiancé.

1.You get a trial run with your photographer

I’ve heard, and have even been called by brides, about brides and grooms that had their engagements taken by a professional photographer and the images ended up being completely different than what is represented on the website or their personalities did not click at all. This is a great way to try out your photographer and see if they are consistent with what they show as their work. This is also a great way to see if they are true to their word on timelines and quality of customer service.

2.See if personalities match

There are incredible photographers everywhere, truly. I am based out of Denton, TX, (but I sure don’t mind traveling lol) and I am blown away by the talent here, as well as all over the DFW metroplex. However, you can have the most incredible photographer and y’all’s personalities just don’t click (no pun intended) during the photoshoot. It’s not that they aren’t great at what they do, it is just that the chemistry isn’t working. Since you did a shoot with them and see that you will not feel comfortable with them on the wedding day, you still have time to find another one. It will take some work, but better safe than feeling awkward at your own wedding.

3. More comfortable with your fiancé

Yes, selfies with your fiancé count as photography, but posing and working with each other during a professional shoot is a whole new ballgame. During the shoot, you both will probably be awkward and uncomfortable at first, but it gets easier and more fun the longer the shoot goes. This will lead into the wedding day and help you both know how to pose and what the photographer will probably direct you to do. Also, you get to see yourselves in the photos and figure out if you want to do anything different during posing on the wedding day.

4. It benefits the photographer

I love doing engagements! I’m a huge advocate for them for the above reasons, and many more. I get a chance to figure out the couple and see what type of shots and poses fit their personalities. Plus, we get more comfortable with each other and it makes the wedding day a lot more relaxed and enjoyable. Also, I look at their faces and expressions over a 1000 TIMES and notice what poses and directions compliments them the most.

So, to sum it up, DO ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS. I know it is more money, but I’ve heard the stories and have been contacted by a couple of brides because of their bad experiences during these shoots and it helped them tremendously. I’m not saying this to my credit, it just happens and was thankfully fixed in time.

One more thing…CONGRATS!!!

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