15 in 2015

This has been a BIG year.

First off, I am so thankful with what God has done this year with this business. I asked a BIG prayer in the Spring, which was “I want 15 weddings, please”. I got 15, but one dropped out in December because of plans changing. So I think that is an answered prayer, but it has been such a blessing with the 14. Also, I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful wife who always supports me in all this. She’s simply amazing!

Secondly, thank you to everyone that let me be a part of your celebration. It is such an honor to be chosen to take pictures of each of your weddings/families/anything. There are a lot of photographers out there, and I am so thankful that each of y’all for choosing me to capture your sweet moments. Thank you so much.

Here are some pics of this year’s fun times. Hope you enjoy and that your year is really blessed and wonderful.

P.S. I’m praying for 30 weddings this year, so get ready!!!



denton-photo-photographer-proposal-fort-worth (6 of 21)

(Proposal pics of the moment. Check!)

denton-photo-photographer-proposal-fort-worth (17 of 21)

denton-photo-photographer-proposal-fort-worth (21 of 21)

mckinney-denton-engagements-photos-photographer-photos-tx (18 of 19)

mckinney-denton-engagements-photos-photographer-photos-tx (12 of 19)

mckinney-denton-engagements-photos-photographer-photos-tx (6 of 19)


(So bridals. Check!)


_MG_1033 _MG_1041 _MG_1035


(Violet’s first haircut)


_MG_7695-2 _MG_8454 _MG_8402

(Really nice couple and glad to have gotten a chance to work with them)


(Sweet mom and daughter moment)



_MG_5933 _MG_5723 _MG_5429

(Engagement shoot in Louisiana swamp. Check!)

_MG_6002 _MG_5745

_MG_3886 _MG_3372

(They are both wonderful people who just exude God’s love and gentleness; and they’re great in front of the camera)


(Our once in a lifetime trip to Israel. So thankful to have had the chance to go)

_MG_6471 _MG_7029 _MG_6913 _MG_6609_MG_1640 _MG_1558_MG_9988_MG_9320_MG_9600

(Possibly one of the coolest locations ever. A farm in Oklahoma. Yes, this couple is as cool as they look, really cool.)


(I love all the colors in this exit shot. You both were great!)


(Sweet bride and groom with sweet families. The weather was perfect that day!)


(I was excited to work with them the day I met them in Starbucks over a year ago. They were so fun to work with)




(They are as nice as they look. Awesome couple. Hope y’all are enjoying California)


(So glad we were able to take their wedding photos in Louisiana. The drive was well worth it.)


(All the brides in their family signed this book on their wedding day; earliest was 1963)



If there was one I would use for a magazine…

Denton Wedding Photographer

IMG_2188 IMG_2324 IMG_2461 IMG_1973 IMG_1950

(Can’t wait to do their wedding next year)


(Both incredibly sweet and patient)

IMG_1234 IMG_1241IMG_1506

(I love the portrait background starring at the audience)


(One of my favorite weddings. It doesn’t need to be large to be grand)


(Photo shoot at an airport, check!)

IMG_4880 IMG_4986 IMG_5009IMG_5095IMG_5037IMG_5206IMG_6680IMG_6775IMG_7010IMG_7342IMG_7487

(Gabe teared up immediately when he saw Monika)


(He crushed the glass cup in front of them like a pro after the jump)




But the winner is…


not even taken by me.


(photo credit to Maggie Hargave




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Matt and Terez Engagements: McKinney, TX

First of all, it was a beautiful day today and I am so thankful to have met Mattand Terez a couple of months ago at West Oak Coffee here in Denton. They are both very laid back and were open for some cool shots when we talked about taking their pictures at an airport (Ethan has a pilot’s license). It was a fun day today, and we ended up finishing at TWU. Thank you both for this opportunity. Enjoy.
















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Ethan and Whitney: Denton Courthouse Wedding

It was cold with fall leaves all around the Denton Courthouse. I walked over to meet Ethan and Whitney, both smiling for the big moment approaching. They were so approachable and nice that it was easy to start chatting and taking a couple of pics in front of the courthouse while the judge arrived. It was a very sweet ceremony with tons of love in the room. I loved working with you both and thank you for the opportunity. Enjoy.

IMG_4790 IMG_4774 IMG_4753 IMG_4732 IMG_4727 IMG_4670 IMG_4622 IMG_4571 IMG_4550 IMG_4537 IMG_4479 IMG_4452 IMG_4437 IMG_4429 IMG_4401 IMG_4367 IMG_4365 IMG_4358 IMG_4342 IMG_4282

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Kelvin and Crista: Engagements at Arbor Hills

It was packed with photographers this past Saturday at Arbor Hills, but for good reason. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was perfect. It was a lot of fun working with both Kelvin and Crista, and as you can see from the images, they love each other dearly. Huge smiles and big grins from these two for the whole session. I hope y’all enjoy.


IMG_1697 IMG_1727 IMG_1716

IMG_1816 IMG_1851 IMG_1950 IMG_1973 IMG_2158 IMG_2188 IMG_2304 IMG_2324 IMG_2395 IMG_2424 IMG_2427 IMG_2461 IMG_2511


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Philippe and Joanna Sneak Peek: Ft. Worth, TX Wedding

This is a sneak peek from a couple of months ago that I am just now blogging; and it was such a fun wedding to photograph. I loved working with this couple and I had the awesome privilege to shoot on top of the Southside on Lamar. This place is beautiful and the staff are so wonderful to work with. Thank you Philippe and Joanna for letting me be a part of your Big Day and congrats!!!

_MG_2088   _MG_3838

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Tito and Sarah Wedding: The Milestone in Aubrey, TX

I had the honor of photographing and getting to know Tito and Sarah on Oct. 18th, 2015. The day of their wedding could not have had better weather, with the nice cool front and light breeze that came through Aubrey, TX. Everyone was in high spirits and both families celebrated with the newly married couple. It was a wonderful day and thank you both for letting me be a part of your wedding day. Enjoy.

P.S. I was especially honored that Jamie Reiman, mother of the bride, referred me because she is such a great woman and has had a big impact on my wife’s life.


IMG_5475 IMG_5594IMG_5684 IMG_5824 IMG_5900 IMG_5920


IMG_5980 IMG_6131 IMG_6134 IMG_6139 IMG_6161 IMG_6165 IMG_6214 IMG_6281 IMG_6368 IMG_6528 IMG_6766 IMG_6822 IMG_6834 IMG_6981 IMG_6999 IMG_7193 IMG_7203 IMG_7375 IMG_7758 IMG_8008 IMG_8039 IMG_8074 IMG_8131

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Corey and Sarah: Wedding in Morgan City, LA

I had the honor of photographing Corey and Sarah’s wedding this past weekend in Morgan City, LA. I have known Corey for over 5 years, since I am married to his beautiful cousin, and have loved getting to know him and his family. It was great to meet Sarah over a year ago and do their engagement photos this past summer. I am so thankful that they chose me to capture their wedding day and hope the best for them both. Enjoy.



IMG_2565IMG_2578 IMG_2586IMG_2605 IMG_2637






IMG_3181 IMG_3223



IMG_3489 IMG_3487











IMG_5198 IMG_5240 IMG_5306


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