Misael and Anabel:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Denton-TX-Immaculate-Conception-Church-Salon-Angeles

Misael and Anabel

It was a gloomy and rainy day, but this couple didn’t let the weather phase them at all. Misael and Anabel were in very high spirits and the whole day was filled with laughter and joy at the beautiful Immaculate Conception in Denton, TX. It was a beautiful wedding that was full of family and traditions, including one I haven’t seen before. During the reception, they had the bride and the groom stand on chairs and create a bridge with their arms. The women went first and held hands and curved in and out of the bridge to see if they could knock down one of the spouses. Next, it was the men’s turn. Thankfully, Misael had a man as strong as an ox hold on to him to help steady his balance, but the men were still to strong and off Misael went. It was probably one of the most exciting receptions I’ve been to so far. Congratulations to Misael and Anabel, and I hope the very best for you both. Enjoy the sneak peek of your wedding photos.

This is Misael’s nephew. He cracked me up because when I was on one knee waiting to capture some moments, he decided to do the same thing. Cool little guy.

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Newborn Sneak Peek Photos: Welcome Duncan

Duncan Newborn Lifestyle Session

It was wondering meeting the Hoy family and taking these sweet photos of their son this week. Though the weather was gloomy, the Octabank saved the day! It was a great shoot and thank y’all for letting me have the opportunity to capture your family in your awesome home. Congrats!!!!

_mg_0685 _mg_0721-2 _mg_0717 _mg_0737-2 _mg_0772-2 _mg_0779 _mg_0902 img_6147 img_6183 img_6202 img_6363 img_6391 img_6455 img_6610 img_6630

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Grant: Senior Photos in Denton, TX


Grant is a young, kind man who was great to work with. He is also a successful athlete that will joining the University of Colorado Boulder this next Fall. Congratulations Grant, and thank you for the opportunity to take your senior photos. You rocked it!

img_8217 img_8229 img_8254 img_8309 img_8370 img_8497 img_8505 img_8521 img_8533 img_8625 img_8700 img_8715 img_8730 img_8854 img_8874 img_8908 img_8965 img_8987

Senior photos in Denton, TX by Brandon Jones Photography

Senior photos in Denton, TX by Brandon Jones Photography

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Kail and Samantha:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Denton-TX-TWU

Kail and Samantha

Last Saturday, the air was cool and crisp and feeling like Texas Fall. Family were greeting each other outside TWU’s beautiful Little Chapel in the Woods in Denton, TX. Anticipation was in the air in both dressing rooms and I had the honor to capture this awesome day. Something really neat is that the veil Samantha were was the same one her mother and grandmother were on their wedding day. So awesome!

I love that we were able to take some couple shots in the gardens after the ceremony and then everyone headed off to the reception at Denton’s Downtowner off Elm St. Family and friends danced the night away with the happy married couple. A good night to photograph a wedding indeed. Congrats Kail and Samantha, and y’all enjoy the sneak peek.

img_4856img_4844 img_5303img_4915 img_4962img_5050 img_5325 img_5335 img_5360 img_5402 img_5478 img_5538img_5371 img_5856 img_5886
img_6085 img_6160 img_6173 img_6222 img_6294 img_6409 img_6506 img_6599_mg_0325 _mg_0356 _mg_0471 img_6649 img_7124 img_7169 img_7333 img_7415 img_7458 img_7500 img_7565 img_8146

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Jerry and Belinda: Don CeSar in St. Petersburg, Florida

Jerry and Belinda

I met Belinda over 3 years ago while assisting her for a wedding. I loved hearing her stories of past photography experiences and learning from her. Well, she has been kind enough to keep in touch since then and I’ve loved working for her and getting to know her a bit more each year. About a month ago she talk me she was getting married, in FLORIDA! I was, first, excited that she met a great guy, and secondly, that I get to take her wedding photos.

Jerry met me at the airport and I immediately approved of him. He has a deep voice, more hair than I do, and jovial. It was a dream weekend to be able to work with such a wonderful couple and photograph a wedding at such a beautiful location, the Loews Don CeSar. I hope y’all enjoy the pictures and congrats to Jerry and Belinda.


img_9730 img_9772img_9873 img_9902 img_0008 img_0216 img_0230 img_0269 img_0375 img_0382 img_0397 img_0455 img_0513 img_0568 img_0573 img_0617img_0622 img_0648 img_0767 img_0805 img_0815 img_0855 img_0905 img_0916 img_0954 img_0972img_3659 img_3673 img_3689img_1501 img_1506 img_1475img_1512 img_1673 img_1667_mg_0018 _mg_0076img_1845 _mg_0088img_1891 img_1896 img_2103 _mg_0177 _mg_0208 _mg_0226 _mg_0153
_mg_0242 _mg_0253img_2042 img_2025img_2142 img_1646img_1562 img_1600 img_1621 img_1640 img_2201 img_2240 img_2244 img_2254 img_2282 img_2328 img_2406 img_2467 img_2585 img_2996 img_3155 img_3362 img_3372 img_3373 img_3394 img_3411 img_3451 img_3535img_3636


Congrats Jerry and Belinda Lucius!!!


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Tyler and Elizabeth: Sneak Peek, Noah’s in Frisco, TX

Tyler and Elizabeth

I am so honored to have been able to photograph Tyler and Elizabeth’s wedding at Noah’s in Frisco, TX. Both Tyler and Elizabeth were very welcoming and both were excited for the big day when I arrived. The flowers and color scheme were really beautiful and brought the fall feeling into the venue. It was a beautiful day and I loved captured the moments. Congratulations Tyler and Elizabeth. Enjoy the sneak peek y’all.

img_6044 img_5996 img_5974 img_5892 img_5758 img_5729 img_6148img_6227img_6359 _mg_9567 _mg_9620 _mg_9590img_6395 img_6388 img_6424img_5845img_6470 img_6618 img_6705 img_6746img_5768_mg_9719 img_6760img_6880 _mg_9731 img_6982 img_6976 img_7090 img_7099img_6128 img_6174 img_6190 img_6202 img_7274 _mg_9755 _mg_9780 _mg_9786 _mg_9802_mg_9825 _mg_9830img_7712 img_7776img_8192 img_8297 img_8401img_7668 img_8432 img_9020 img_9483img_9706

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Andy and Cortnee: Sneak Peek, The Village Church.

Andy and Cortnee

This was such a love-filled celebration for this wonderful, Jesus-loving couple at The Village Church in Dallas. The reception was at the Museum of Biblical Art and was truly beautiful. There was a whole lot of laughing and crazy dancing. I really enjoyed getting to know Andy and Cortnee through meeting over coffee and doing there engagements a couple of months ago and I’m so happy for them both. Congratulations and I know God will bless your married.

img_2674 img_2792 img_2822 img_2701 img_2730 img_3102 img_3088 img_3073 img_3027 img_2966 img_3186 img_3146 img_3132 img_3374 img_3381 img_3616 _mg_9256 _mg_9477 _mg_9444 _mg_9488 _mg_9509 img_3712 img_3999 img_4002img_5651 img_4270 img_4039 img_4036 img_4245 img_4253 img_4042 img_4061 img_4608 img_4623 img_5004img_5161 img_4917img_5291 img_5369 img_5353 img_5535 img_5537 img_4306img_5411img_5593 img_5619

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Joanna Maternity Shoot: Dallas, TX

Joanna Maternity Shoot

I was more than honored when Joanna and her husband asked me to photograph their wedding more than a year ago (congrats!), and now I’m even more honored that they contacted me for their maternity photos. This is such a great couple to talk with and it’s been wonderful working with them over the past year. Here are a couple of shots from the maternity shoot. Can’t wait to meet the little one. Enjoy.

img_1543 img_1991 img_2014 img_2160 img_2448 img_2462

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Brent and Lloyd: Wildwood Inn in Denton, TX

Brent and Lloyd

I’m so thankful to have had August off, now the wedding season begins. Here is a sneak peek at Brent and Lloyd’s wedding at the beautiful Wildwood Inn. You seriously couldn’t have imagined more perfect weather. Both of these guys were incredibly nice, as well as their guest. Bring on the Fall!!!

img_0597img_9143 img_9172 img_9180 img_9149 img_9669 img_0049 img_9536img_0911 img_9529 img_9307 img_9268 img_9136 img_9760 img_9762 img_9902 img_9861 img_9957 img_9972 img_9987 img_0003 img_0223 img_0254 img_0288 img_0300 img_0315 img_0438 img_0436 img_0410 img_9384 img_9482 img_9501 img_9502 img_9218 img_9243 img_9511 img_0510 img_0521 img_0536 img_0548 img_0493 img_0481 img_0813 img_0816 img_0877 img_0765 img_0601 img_1005 img_0955 img_0943 img_1016 img_1047 img_1138 img_1184 img_1210 img_1227 img_1263 img_0555 img_0899 img_1271 img_1329 img_1377


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