Manuel and Erica:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Belltower-Chapel-Fort Worth-TX

Manuel and Erica

I had the pleasure of meeting Manuel and Erica at Starbucks 3 months ago on a dreary day. They were easy to talk with and are very genuinely loving people. I had a lot of fun shooting their engagement photos and it made me more excited to work with them on the wedding. The day was just fantastic. The weather was cool and breezy, but not too breezy. They were both anxious when they first arrived, but in an excited way. They knew that this is a true commitment to love one another in a true Christ-like manner, and they were all in. This was a wonderful wedding to photograph at the beautiful Bell Tower Chapel in Ft. Worth, TX with a loving group of people. Fun night, fun people.

Congrats Manuel and Erica!!!

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Kawika and Josey:Engagement-Photos-Photographer-Fort Worth-TX-Water Gardens

Kawika and Josey

I was so happy when Kawika and Josey came up to my booth at the Dallas Bridal Show last month and announced that they had one the free engagement giveaway I offered for the bridal show. They are both so incredibly sweet and awesome that I was more than happy to have them win it. The mentioned doing the shoot at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, and I had never heard of the location. COOL PLACE!!! The location definitely feel both of their artistic styles and personalities and the place had a lot to offer for such a small proximity in the middle of a huge city. Well Josey and Kawika, excellent job. I didn’t really have to direct much because they are both so comfortable around each other and made each other laugh a lot. Fun times. Enjoy the engagement photos.

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Manuel and Erica:Engagement-Photos-Arlington-TX

Manuel and Erica

I met these two amazing, Godly people about a month ago on a rainy day at Starbucks. It was evident that they really enjoy each other and are excited for the wedding day. I loved working with them and that they chose the Arlington square because that is where they met; at church at the music hall. It was perfect weather and Manuel and Erica were pretty dang cute. Tons of laughing. Enjoy the engagement photos from Arlington, TX.


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Alex and Olivia’s Announcement:Maternity-Photos-Photographer- Keller-TX

Alex and Olivia

I’ve known Alex for a long time; ever since I became friends with his amazing older brother Dustin. Their whole family is just an absolute blessing to all those who know them and fall in love with them (hard not to). I was more than honored when I was able to capture Alex and Olivia’s engagement two years ago, and now they are announcing another new chapter, Parenthood. They are going to just be fantastic parents. Congrats you two.


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John and Carla:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Harmony-Chapel-Aubrey-TX

John and Carla


I met John and Carla for the first time at their engagement shoot at the beautiful garden area at Texas Woman’s University. They were incredibly easy to work with because all they did was smile and look awesome. Well, they did the exact same thing on their wedding day, except for longer. It was VERY cold on their wedding day and the sudden drop in temperature made the plans change from outdoor shots to indoor only. But they didn’t seem fazed at all and the whole evening was full of family members meeting and greeting and lots of laughter during the reception toasts. Plus, I think everyone invited knew how to dance like pros. A wonderful time!

Thank you John and Carla for letting me to take your wedding photos and CONGRATS!!!!!


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Cody and Delia:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Destination-Florence-AZ-The Windmill Winery

Cody and Delia

I was really excited when I first got the opportunity to work with both Cody and Delia with the engagement shoot in Frisco at Arbor Hills. They did a wonderful job and were truly comfortable with each other, which made it really easy to take pics of them both. Then it happened, they invited me to photograph their wedding in Arizona. I was freaking excited and honored to the moon. Thank you both so much for letting be have such a privilege. This was my first time in Arizona doing a wedding, and what a way to start that trend.

They first had a beautiful evening dinner with family and friends at the Vintage 95. This was a hip/fancy restaurant in Phoenix with really good food. There were tons of laughs, hugs, and deep felt speeches by friends and family that are mostly from Texas. The fact that the majority of their guest were from Texas and they all sacrificed the drive or plane flight to get there to see them both get married says a lot about this couple.

The wedding was at The Windmill Winery and this was one of the most fantastic and plentiful venues I’ve ever photographed at. I seriously could have spent all day photographing at the various spots around their venue. The weather was absolutely incredible and it was a wonderful night.

Congrats to Cody and Delia!

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Misael and Anabel:Wedding-Photography-Photographer-Denton-TX-Immaculate-Conception-Church-Salon-Angeles

Misael and Anabel

It was a gloomy and rainy day, but this couple didn’t let the weather phase them at all. Misael and Anabel were in very high spirits and the whole day was filled with laughter and joy at the beautiful Immaculate Conception in Denton, TX. It was a beautiful wedding that was full of family and traditions, including one I haven’t seen before. During the reception, they had the bride and the groom stand on chairs and create a bridge with their arms. The women went first and held hands and curved in and out of the bridge to see if they could knock down one of the spouses. Next, it was the men’s turn. Thankfully, Misael had a man as strong as an ox hold on to him to help steady his balance, but the men were still to strong and off Misael went. It was probably one of the most exciting receptions I’ve been to so far. Congratulations to Misael and Anabel, and I hope the very best for you both. Enjoy the sneak peek of your wedding photos.

This is Misael’s nephew. He cracked me up because when I was on one knee waiting to capture some moments, he decided to do the same thing. Cool little guy.

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Newborn Sneak Peek Photos: Welcome Duncan

Duncan Newborn Lifestyle Session

It was wondering meeting the Hoy family and taking these sweet photos of their son this week. Though the weather was gloomy, the Octabank saved the day! It was a great shoot and thank y’all for letting me have the opportunity to capture your family in your awesome home. Congrats!!!!

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