Meagan and Dan Sneak Peek Wedding Photography: The Wildwood Inn, Denton, TX

Meagan and Dan

I first met Meagan and Dan at West Oak Coffee Bar in Denton, TX. They both are very kind and humble people who are incredibly easy to talk to. We had a lot of fun and laughs, and I was thrilled to be asked to be their photography; a huge honor. We did the engagements at Grapevine Springs Park during the summer and they both did fantastic considering the heat. Dan can really make Meagan laugh with just a couple of well chosen words. This made to me photographing their wedding at the lovely Wildwood Inn in Denton, TX. It was a beautiful evening, and thankfully, the rain subsided. Everyone was energetic and excited for the big moment. Rings were given, kisses were exchanged, and the night was full of love. Congrats Dan and Meagan!!!

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Mari and Aaron Wedding Photos: Chapel at Ana Villa in The Colony, TX

Mari and Aaron

I was lucky enough to have coffee with Mari and her Mom and West Oak Coffee Bar this past summer and I was thrilled when they let me know I was their wedding photographer. The day was really beautiful and the cool front came in for a nice evening breeze. I had a lot of fun having out with Mari and her friends before the wedding and seeing how much fun they have together. Same with the guys; they were really welcoming and kind.  It was a wonderful wedding that ended with the happy couple leaving in Aaron’s incredible Chenille classic. CongratsMari and Aaron and enjoy the sneak peek.

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Adrienne and Jeff Wedding Photos: Harmony Chapel in Aubrey, TX

Adrienne and Jeff

I met Adrienne over some coffee at Starbucks a couple of months ago and I loved her energy and kindness from the get-go.  I was really excited when her and Jeff allowed me to be their wedding photographer and it was a couple that every photographer wants; both kind, laid back, and a lot of fun. Their wedding was at the beautiful Harmony Chapel in Aubrey, TX. They have a really awesome ceremony setup that looks fantastic in the day/evening time. The weather was perfect too!

Both family were really nice and awesome. Also, the kids were a blast to get to know and to pictures of. Congrats Adrienne and Jeff and thank you both so much for letting me be a part of your special day. Enjoy.

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Alec and Carla Wedding Photos: Downtown Square in McKinney, TX

Alec and Carla

I was really excited when Alec contacted me about their idea of taking their wedding photos on the cool square in downtown McKinney, TX this past week. It rained a lot the morning of, but thankfully stopped right in time for us to venture around the square and for them both to read each other their sweet vows before going to the JOP. This really was a fun shoot and such a sweet couple. Plus, we all got to eat some really great pie. Congrats to Alec and Carla and thanks for letting me be a part of such a special moment. Enjoy the pics!


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Jordan and Carlyn: Granbury, TX Wedding Photos

Jordan and Carlyn

I attempted the Dallas Bridal Show this year and had a lot of fun, but it was so overwhelming for me and tiring. I say this because there was one thing that great that came out of it, meeting Carlyn and Katie. They stopped by the booth and I was really hoping they would stay in contact. They did! Now here I am showing Carlyn and her husband’s wedding photos 10 months later. Totally worth it!

They both chose to get married at a really cool ranch named True Grit Ranch in Granbury, TX. A cool spot that had the cowboy theme nailed and was such a beautiful venue. It was a really wonderful day that had great weather, loving and supportive friends and family, and corn hole. It was a great evening indeed. Thank you so much for letting me photograph your wedding, Carlyn and Jordan, and I hope the very best for you. Enjoy the sneak peek.

A lot of tears

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Kyle and Jessica Wedding Photos: McKinney, TX

Kyle and Jessica

Two home weddings in a row, and I’m loving it! Kyle and Jessica’s wedding was on a beautiful property with pine trees, an open field, and flowers. Even though it was hot, it had the look of Fall. The whole setup was really an incredible accomplishment because family and friends helped setup the patio ceremony sight and decorations. I personally think that all the handwork with loved ones made the wedding more personal and emotional. There were tons of tears from everyone. Tons!

I’m honored, very honored to have been a part of this wedding by photographing so many beautiful moments. Congrats to Jessica and Kyle!! Enjoy the pics.


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Olivia and Dalton: Fort Worth, TX Wedding Photos

Olivia and Dalton

This is a really sweet couple that I had the honor of photographing on their beautiful wedding day this past Saturday in Fort Worth, TX. I love photographing intimate weddings, and this was such a wonderful one because of the kindest both families showed me and made sure I left with a box full of cake (YES!). Truthfully, very down to earth couple that know how to make others feel welcome and loved. Congrats to Olivia and Dalton, and Jax. Enjoy the pics.

note: Dalton is crying out of happiness to walk with his new son to the alter. Really sweet moment.

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Matt and Lauren Wedding Photos: Denton, TX Wedding Photographer

Matt and Lauren

I was honored to have had the opportunity to photograph Matt and Lauren’s engagement photos a couple of months ago at one of the most beautiful locations I could have imagined; a country farm with beautiful hills and trees. This definitely fits their style, even though Lauren says she is a city girl (Matt has slowly changed her mind). It was a really fun shoot and it was wonderful getting know know them both more.

When I saw them both again while everyone was getting ready for the big moment, it was like meeting old friends. Matt and Lauren and down-to-earth people that make photographing a wedding easy and fun. Their wedding was celebrated last week on Labor Day at Denton Bible Church in Denton, TX with the reception at the beautiful The Springs in Aubrey, TX. Family and friends both came together to show love and support for this Christ-loving couple. CONGRATS Matt and Lauren, and we pray you have a very blessed marriage. I hope all the shaving cream is off the car by now.

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Jessica and Kyle Engagements: Denton Engagement Photos

Jessica and Kyle

We decided to start the engagement shoot at one of their favorite locations to hangout Oak Street Draft House. I walked in and completely passed them while making my way outside. lol. We caught up and headed out to their casual, cool backyard at began. Kyle is fantastic at making Jessica laugh. We headed over to the Denton square and finished there. They both made the whole shoot easy and a lot of fun. Thank you both for letting me have the honor of doing your engagements and I’m excited about the wedding coming up fast. You both rock!

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