Visiting Israel

We are so thankful that we had the blessing of visiting the Holy Land of Israel. To see where Jesus walked and to interact and see the culture is just a one-of-a-kind experience. We are thankful family was a part of some of this experience. Maybe one day we will visit it again, but if not, we have some pictures and experiences to remember it by. Please enjoy and thank you for looking.


Dead Sea

_MG_7136 _MG_7120 _MG_7118 _MG_7077 _MG_7062 _MG_7045 _MG_7029 _MG_7022 _MG_6998 _MG_6992 _MG_6987


City of David


_MG_6960 _MG_6957 _MG_6951 _MG_6945 _MG_6932 _MG_6929 _MG_6928






Visit to the Wailing Wall

(I didn’t take any pics of the wall just because I felt it would be offensive since it was their Sabbath Day)




_MG_6913 _MG_6890 _MG_6886


Early Morning Walk…IN JERUSALEM!!!


_MG_6856 _MG_6783 _MG_6723 _MG_6719 _MG_6711 _MG_6700 _MG_6690 _MG_6682 _MG_6650 _MG_6644 _MG_6637 _MG_6634 _MG_6629 _MG_6610 _MG_6609 _MG_6602 _MG_6598 _MG_6581 _MG_6535 _MG_6529 _MG_6526 _MG_6525 _MG_6522


and More…


_MG_6484 _MG_6471 _MG_6415 _MG_6400 _MG_6388 _MG_6365 _MG_6360 _MG_6355 _MG_6351 _MG_6348 _MG_6343 _MG_6329 _MG_6327 _MG_6326 _MG_6325 _MG_6319 _MG_6303 _MG_6299 _MG_6298 _MG_6297 _MG_6295 _MG_6294





The End.

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Elise and Elise

My wife has a special place in her heart for her Maw-Maw. When Fallon was only a small kid, around 5 years old I think, Maw-Maw told her about who Jesus is and what He has done for her. Fallon, thankfully, excepted that truth at a really young age and I have all the appreciation and gratitude in the world for Maw-Maw (Elise) doing this. This is why our daugter’s middle name is Elise. Thank you for being such a wonderful woman in the name of Jesus Christ.


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Hidden Springs Wedding Photos: Nathan and Becca (Aubrey, TX)

Sneak Peek!

It was a beautiful day yesterday in Aubrey, and thankfully there was a nice breeze to beat the heat. Nathan and Becca was so fun to work with during their engagement photos and it was a privilege to photograph their wedding at the beautiful Hidden Springs in Aubrey, TX. Both families were in high spirits and love was all over the event. Great time! Please enjoy the pictures.


















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Texas Woman’s University Family Photo Shoot (Denton, TX)

Introducing the Hendersons!!!

It was early this morning that we all battled the mosquitoes to get this beautiful sunlight before the heat rushed in. This is such a phenomenal family of kind-hearted people who love Jesus and are always uplifting to be around. I was honored that they let me take their family pictures here in Denton, TX. Loved how the images turned out and the boys’ sacrifice of no morning cartoons was fruitful. Thanks to the Hendersons and to the God who made this beautiful morning. Enjoy.
















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Sneak Peek: Denton Wedding, Amanda and Cody

I was impressed with this couple’s patience and flexibility with there wedding situation that arose. The rain made them change their location from an outside wedding at a family friend’s house to a last minute change to an indoor wedding at a local church in Denton, TX. They were wonderful at communicating and still had a wonderful and beautiful wedding amongst family and friends. Congrats Amanda and Cody, and thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Here is a sneak peek at their wedding pictures that were captured yesterday.














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Sneak Peek: Bailey Wedding at Bridlewood Country Club in Flower Mound, TX

Today was a surprisingly beautiful day after a stormy end on Friday (with a transformer blowing out last night). This was a lovely couple that I got to photograph today in Flower Mound. I love meeting new couples and families, especially when I get to photograph them on their wedding day. This venue was beautiful and rustic on the inside. Bart, the groom, led us to a near by park where we did most of the family photos and came across ALOT of students heading out to the prom. Fun day!

Congrats Baileys!







_MG_8402 _MG_8385 _MG_8383 _MG_8366 _MG_8350




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2 1/2 with Bluebonnets






Not only do I have a God fearing, loving, gentle wife to come home to, but I also have this amazing little girl that will grow up to be a great leader to hug immediately when I arrive. She is 2 1/2 now and we are so proud of her. Here she is in bluebonnets. Enjoy.


_MG_7494 _MG_7543 _MG_7501 _MG_7516 _MG_7508 _MG_7456 _MG_7473 _MG_7446 _MG_7445 _MG_7427 _MG_7536

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Easter Fun with the Family

So thankful to be able to celebrate the holidays with our great families. Also, thankful that we are able to know what true love is and that’s God’s act of sending Jesus to come on this earth to show us hope and rise from the dead. Heck yeah!!!! A good weekend indeed.

_MG_5744 _MG_5718 _MG_5708 _MG_5705 _MG_5692 _MG_5683 _MG_5652 _MG_5632 _MG_5631 _MG_5627 _MG_5619 _MG_5595 _MG_5568 _MG_5564 _MG_5563 _MG_5560 _MG_5555 _MG_5553 _MG_5549 _MG_5534 _MG_5525 _MG_5494 _MG_5473 _MG_5471 _MG_5446 _MG_5444 _MG_5441 _MG_5424

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